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by Panisa Jermhansa

The artwork titled “CANAL(L)” from “CANAL FOR ALL” wishes to capture the sense of place, express the local community’s view, and enliven the place. The idea is to express the identity of North Walsham & Dilham Canal with its landscape personality, reflecting industrial heritage, and connect to engineering, as a profession. From an overall perspective, the artwork appears to be a group of vertical columns randomly arranged. Together with their curved and carved edges, they create an assemblance to their grassy surroundings. With objects seemingly floating on top, the poles also act as an interpretation of the water surface, linking itself to the canal where it resides by. The posts are engraved with text that will be derived from community engagement activity, reflecting people’s identity, hope and dreams.

On top of the columns, there are three objects representing the region and its people’s stories and values. The first one is formed by two circles linked, made from wood and steel. This represents a waterwheel, showing an essential part of the wheel and axel principle and implying motor movement. It took place as a reminder of its industrial history and also engineering mind. The second one is composed of two triangles forming a boat. They speak about the important role of the canal, being a waterway from the past to present, whether for industrial reasons or for leisure. The last one is a wooden cube with rectangular holes, suggesting a building. It represents the industrial heritage, mills that were located along the banks and the historical value related to them. The hollow void of the cube is also a space for birds to inhabit.



From her background in architecture, Panisa Jermhansa has been working between the realm of art and design, with interests in spatial composition, materials and colours. Her works include architecture, interior design, furniture, and objects of art.

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