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by KitMapper + Grace Pappas

‘Colony – Avocet, Bullfinch, Kingfisher, Mallard, Swallow and Green Woodpecker’ by Grace Pappas will be a set of six performing flute like sculpture set back from the banks of the River Yare at a site adjacent to the Reedham Ferry Inn. Through a simple system of underground pipes the flutes come to life through the tidal forces and water disturbances. Coupling mechanically with the water level height variations, each flute performs a cycle of colours and sounds representing birds common to the Norfolk Broads. The project will be undertaken in partnership with arts production company KitMapper and marine engineer PNP Consulting.

Kitmapper Biography

KitMapper is an arts production company passionate about the future of art-making and production. We facilitate ground-breaking, internationally recognised culture and create local opportunities for emerging talent.

Specialising in ambitious and complex installations, we provide world-class creative support, production management and curatorial advice. As an artist-run organisation, we each bring our own nuance, expertise and understanding to every project, bringing together our inhouse talent with our network of specialist partners.

Grace Pappas Biography

With archaeology and engineering as a lense, Grace’s research focuses on the intertwined intra-actions of bodies and spaces. By shifting the attention to the intangible forces surrounding physical matter, she has been constructing environments puppeteered by time, gravity, temperature and interaction. Resulting work has been shown in a series of institutions including Palais de Tokyo and Victoria and Albert Museum. Currently a lecturer at the Royal College of Arts with running collaboration with a series of cultural and scientific institutions including Studio Tomas Saraceno, Aerocene foundation, UCLA and ESPCI.

Grace was recently awarded a research grant for her work on The Marine Frontier.


Grace Pappas

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