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by toyStudio

Flock, is inspired by the flocking behavior of flights of birds, schools of fish and the swarms of eels which are so synonymous with the Mere and the nearby River Waveny. However, Flock does not only mimic the behavior of this wildlife, but it also represents the movement of Diss’ own residents. Just as the Mere’s wildlife has migrated to Diss over the years, many different communities have arrived in Diss and have been welcomed into the town.

Flock is formed of a collection of curved, metallic, tubes of varying lengths, spiraling upwards. Each one of these tubes represent the individual directions we take within a community and how we move forward together as one. The artwork therefore becomes a metaphor for the community of Diss – “flocking” through life. The sculpture’s overall form responds directly to the site, intending to evoke the Mere’s infamous depth. Originating from a singular point, the artwork grows from a narrow base, spiraling upwards expanding in radius and the members disperse, intending to evoke a cross-sectional representation of the Mere.

We welcome the community to share their stories, which will become a physical part of the work. Your messages will be imprinted onto the flock, giving a place for the community to tell their stories and provide a place for quiet contemplation and reflection. As you walk past the sculpture, member of the will be illuminated, and the stories read aloud. We hope to share some of the town’s hidden stories with residents and visitors and create a place where memories and aspirations can be relived in years to come, encouraging people to pause and reflect on their own community.


toyStudio is a London-based art collective which combines the fields of art and architecture. Founded in 2016, the studio is inspired by investigations into natural, mathematical, and scientific systems. Approaching every project with a fresh perspective, applying a mix of research and new ideas which respond to the site.

Their working practice is developed using digital tools for analysis, form generation and fabrication. Looking to subvert standard, readily available materials and objects through innovative manufacturing techniques and imaginative applications, translating them into sculptures and large-scale installation found in both galleries and public spaces. Ultimately, the studio crafts exciting experiential interventions through art and sculpture which share stories, educate, and form new experiences.  

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