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Plain Sight

by Matt Wreglesworth

Plain Sight: In a world that is becoming increasingly digital, Plain Sight seeks to reengage people with their senses and the world around them. 

Every day we are subject to a brilliant performance of constantly changing daylight. This artwork acts as a stage for this performance, reminding viewers that beauty is everywhere – all they need to do is look.

Natural and artificial light mix on a central column adorned with textured tiles. These tiles will be designed by people local to King’s Lynn and Norfolk, allowing the artwork to shine a light on the region’s history.

Plain Sight was developed in collaboration with Richard Morrison.


Matt’s work focuses on the boundary between art and architecture. Whether through installation, performance, or permanent structure – human perception is at the centre.

While studying architecture at Newcastle University and the Manchester School of Architecture, Matt focused on the crossover between art, architecture, and philosophy with a particular interest in light and perception.

These aspects feature heavily in his work, in which environments are created to question a viewer’s experience of the world around them.

Between degrees, he worked for architecture practices in the UK, Sweden and Denmark, including RIBA Gold Medal winning practice Grimshaw. He is now at 59 Productions, where he is part of the architecture team, working on set design and exhibition projects.

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