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Playground of Creativity, Discovery & Inclusivity

by Clarke Reynolds

Hi my name is Clarke Reynolds and I’m registered blind and I’m also a visual artist.

At the age of 4 I started to lose my sight in my right eye. I grew up with limited sight in one eye but never looked upon it as a disability and art was what I wanted to do as a career. My sight has continued to deteriorate and now can only see partially through both eyes.

My art practice has been inspired by the English language. How we say things, the descriptive power which is important to a visually impaired person, as we see the world as words how someone is describing what they see.

And how I tell people how I see is like looking through a thousand dots.

It only took me three weeks to learn Braille as I made a piece called my Rosetta Stone where I enlarged the Braille dot to button size and made the alphabet.

I am inspired by the braille dots.

I’ve taken a tactile language and interpreted it into a visual language of dots. My hope is to teach Braille through my art, as I believe people with sight can learn Braille through the pattern.

My aim is to show the world through my art that blindness and all disability is not a barrier to achievement.

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