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by Studio Sabine Marcelis

Prism: The singular monolith clad in coloured mirror panels seemingly floats on the canal and demands attention from onlookers by proposing a new way to look at the surroundings.

Its colours are taken from the sunset and brought to life by the community’s participation. While its triangle shape refers to the doors of the lock that can be found along the canal.

The artwork is located inside the canal and its various viewpoints provide different warped perspectives. The artwork is activated by its surroundings and the seasons; When the sun hits the piece, beautiful light reflections are cast, and when it is raining, beads of water will trickle down the glass in a mesmerising manner. A static piece, yet forever evolving and interacting with the natural world it inhabits, embracing the vision of the site’s previous owner Laurie Ashton; creating a space for the community to relax, reflect and above all, enjoy nature.


Sabine Marcelis is a Dutch designer who runs her practice from the harbour of Rotterdam. After graduating from the Design Academy of Eindhoven in 2011, Marcelis began working as an independent designer within the fields of product, installation and spacial design with a strong focus on materiality. Her work is characterised by pure forms which highlight material properties.

Marcelis applies a strong aesthetic point of view to her collaborations with industry specialists. This method of working allows her to intervene in the manufacturing process, using material research and experimentation to achieve new and surprising visual effects for projects both showcased in musea and commissioned by commercial clients and fashion houses. Sabine considers her designs to be true sensorial experiences and not simple static works: the experience becomes the function, with a refined and unique aesthetic.

Sabine recently won the prestigious Wallpaper awards ‘ Designer of the year 2020’, the Design Prize 2019 in the ‘Newcomer of the year’ category, The Elle Deco International Design award 2019 ‘Young designer of the year’ and ‘GQ Men of the year 2019’ International Artist of the year.

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