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- Honing Station

Honing Passage

by Studio Sabine Marcelis

Honing Passage is a unique place for the community to interact, reflect and enjoy nature. The passage embraces the beauty of the local landscape, reflecting and framing the surroundings through a unique lens, inviting people to experience an ever-shifting showcase of colour, light and nature throughout the seasons.
The artwork is an immersive sculpture made of two large panels of reinforced glass. The glass panels consist of colour treated two-way mirrors, creating a coloured reflection on one side while the other side reflects its surrounding without filter. Both panels are anchored into the ground by a large metal structure buried under the grass.
The form references the history of the area; the two offset glass panels express a sense of movement like the railway carriages that used to travel on the nearby tracks. This form in turn allows the creation of a passage where visitors can fully immerse themselves in between the colours and reflections. This play on light and colour provides a perfect photo opportunity that is accessible to all, with enough space for wheelchairs to go through the passage. 
The Honing Passage encourages interaction from visitors and is designed to fully integrate into the environment. The mirrors outside of the passage reflect the surroundings without alteration, seamlessly blending the piece into nature. The effect on the inside is altogether different as the walls act as lenses, filtering views of the surroundings through layers of colour. Through the iconic form and eye-catching materiality, the passage extends an invitation for visitors to walk through the piece, explore the intricacies of light, reflection and colours and take photos within or through the ever-shifting surfaces. When the sun hits the piece, beautiful light reflections are cast, and when it is raining, beads of water will trickle down the glass in a mesmerizing manner. It is a static piece, yet forever evolving and interacting with the natural world it inhabits. It is a visually minimal piece, yet the way in which it is constructed and experienced is anything but that. A highly engineered manufacturing process is involved to bring it to life and once installed, the work will forever evolve along with its surroundings. It is something to be experienced throughout the year and should entice visitors back time and time again.

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