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Rainbow Beacon

by Bits to Atoms / Guillaume Crédoz

Rainbow Beacon: Floating a few meters above the ground, a surreal strike of colors glows gently over the muddy banks and the dark clouds. Reminiscent of the light houses and the Greyfriars’s hexagonal tower,the 3D printed from recycled plastic large lantern creates an attractive landmark in the vast horizontal landscape. It is sun powered, and turns on when luminosity decreases, gently glowing at the horizon. The legend has it that at the foot of the rainbow is hidden a treasure.


Following an education in Architecture and Environment Design in three universities chosen for their multi-technical workshops, Guillaume Crédoz established an entirely virtual practice, working solely in 3D for over fifty Architecture offices around the world. This period of intense tectonic experimentations in a synthetic universe was followed by a six-year chapter of teaching and research at universities (UQàM, UdeM).

On the first line of the emergence of digital manufacturing, he saw this medium as a direct and material extension of his experience. After establishing several practices in five different countries, he sets up Bits to Atoms, a practice that explores the potentials of digital manufacturing to extend the capacity of crafts in both Architecture, Arts and Design. In 2015 he founded the collective BeirutMakers, and in 2020 joined Philip Beesley’s Living Architecture Systems Group (LASG) collective. Currently, his award-winning architectural practice Bits to Atoms is now employing twenty persons and six large industrial robotic arms. The office’s recent body of works includes the National Theatre of Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) and the urban reconversion of its port, a third-place key building for Tripoli (Lebanon), and Yowalah a 3D printed urban installation in Dubai Design District.

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