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The Spectators

by Margaux Carpentier

The Spectators: My idea for Reedham Ferry Inn is to create an installation made of mystical creatures inspired by the local fauna, mythology and history.

Those beings would be placed contemplating the canal and welcoming/wishing farewell to the passengers crossing by ferry.

I wish to surprise passers-by with a colourful, fun and slightly enigmatic installation.

The story told by the installation is not set in stone – but I like using a thread to guide my hand in assembling symbols, colours and shapes,

The idea is to leave the outcome open to the audience’s interpretation, in order to create space for secrets to be discovered and imaginary doors to be pushed ajar.

I intend to create an installation in my usual style by using bright and bold colours so the piece as a whole vibrates and stands out in the dark autumn and winter landscape and brings back a little bit of happiness during the dullest times of the year.


Margaux Carpentier is an image-maker and storyteller working mainly in London, sometimes in France, and further away.

She creates pictures using symbolic language, so each piece can be read by all, in many different ways. Her work is inspired by the infinite combinations of colours offered by the world; her images transcribe the choreography of living things.

She works on varied projects, from large murals, installations and paintings to detailed book illustrations, and even toys!

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