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Tunnel Through Time

by Kaitlin Ferguson

‘Tunnel Through Time’ is a site-specific sculpture which takes the viewer through deep time using the microscopic as a window to understanding the past of the Mere, whilst also enabling audiences to reflect upon the future global challenges nature faces.

Up close, the sculpture will be tactile and intriguing, at a distance a dynamic viewfinder, framing the views of the Mere, the park and beyond.  A ‘time channel’ composed of a series of metal arches which align to form the mapped contours of the shape of the Mere, usually hidden from audiences beneath its deep waters. 

The timescale represented inside the piece, will be made up of 3D reliefs, which will show the Meres 10,000-year history through the changing species of microscopic organisms, sediment and microfossils that have inhabited the Mere’s waters. These will include representations of pollen from past trees and plants, fossilised insects, volcanic ash  and diatoms (algae which produce up to 50% of the oxygen we breathe). Together these natural and geological elements illustrate the complex relationship between nature, human occupation, and industry of the past.


Kaitlin Ferguson lives and works In Norwich, UK. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art from Norwich University of the Arts and later received her Masters with Distinction, from the University Of Edinburgh, graduating from the ‘Art, Space and Nature’ postgraduate programme.

She has established a professional practice, spanning over a decade, which adopts an interdisciplinary approach to the environment, exploring humankind’s relationship to nature and geology.

Kaitlin’s practice follows research-based lines of enquiry, through which she explores the notion of ‘deep time’ and the 4.5-billion-year history of the plant and the processes which have shaped it.

Artworks created are site-specific to each location, bespoke creations which are sensitive to the localities and the communities who live there.

She has been commissioned to create numerous site-specific public sculptures, both nationally and internationally. These include: ‘LITHOS’ (2019) for the Poldra Sculpture Park in Viseu Portugal, ‘CONNECT’ (2019) for MarketPlace in Brandon Forest Norfolk, and ‘Wave Maker’ (2018) for the Heritage Sculpture Trail on the North Norfolk Coast.

In addition to this, Kaitlin has delivered numerous socially engaged participatory projects for diverse communities across the UK and has taught on programmes for organisations such as the: Barbican Centre, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Kettle’s Yard, Fitzwilliam Museum, University of Cambridge Museums and Scarborough Museums Trust.

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