Gallery of shortlisted designs

In winter 2021 we published our shortlist of concept designs submitted by artists for each location. 

Below is the full catalogue of shortlisted works. You can read more about the individual works and artists by selecting the images below.

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  • Boal Quay
  • Diss Mere
  • Honing Station
  • Reedham Ferry Inn
Panisa Jermhansa CANAL(L)


Honing Station

Honing Passage

Honing Station
Feathership Annabel McCourt and Adrian Riley


Boal Quay
Matt Wreglesworth

Plain Sight

Boal Quay
The Rainbow Beacon Bits to Atoms / Guillaume Crédoz

Rainbow Beacon

Boal Quay
The Spectators Margaux Carpentier

The Spectators

Reedham Ferry Inn
Solaris James tunnard


Reedham Ferry Inn
Colony KitMapper + Grace Pappas


Reedham Ferry Inn

Iron Reef

Reedham Ferry Inn
Water Portals Henry Driver

Water Portals

Diss Mere


Diss Mere